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We are building resilient communities by helping to build local markets. We are truly neighbors helping neighbors!

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  1. Find the product you are looking for in your local area. Right now, we cover Marin County.

2. Contact the provider of the item and arrange how, when and where to pick up the item.

3. Pay for the item or receive it for free based on your needs and the terms outlined by the provider.

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I am a family child care who is closed to to the pandemic. Started making masks to cover some essentials. I have never sewn before. I learned during shelter in place. Starting donating masks to kids around my area until I lost all my income. Now I am really good at it!! And like the fashion part of it and the community service it comes with it. It is being a win win for me if there is one in this whole thing.
-Rosana Oliveira

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Thank you so much for posting my information on your website. I have been inundated with requests!!
-Gabriela Moreno

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