Hi, my name is Jon. I lost my job due to the COVID and I decided to build a website, Marinmasks.org, to help folks find masks locally after my online order never arrived. It turns out, we were also able to help some folks find a new source of income. It got me thinking we need to do a better job of sourcing goods and services locally, especially during challenging times, so I expanded the mask site to include locally produced food items and produce. Here you can find goods both for free and for sale and while I have not had an opportunity to personally review all the products and cannot vouch for them they have received positive reviews on other platforms. Some folks need the added income while others may not. This is really a choose your own adventure – find what you need even if you cannot pay or choose to support your neighbors. I believe that by building a strong community marketplace now we will be better able to handle challenges in the future.

Made with love in Marin County, CA.