Bradley & Son Cattle Grass Fed Beef

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Bradley & Son 4B Ranch is a multi-generational ranch located in Butte County and Plumas County, at the base of the beautiful Sierra foothills. Only a few short hours from Marin County, the Business is owned and operated by the Bradley Family which has been in the Commercial beef business for years. With the recent impact to commercial processing plants along with noticing the need for high quality, local products the Bradley family has found a welcomed outlet with direct to customer sales.

All beef is raised and grass finished on idyllic grazing lands with plenty of room to roam free. Beef is humanely processed in small batches in accordance with all CA state & USDA standards and professionally packaged for shipping. Frozen deliveries are made by the ranch directly to your home and payment processing is contactless. Products are well sealed and ideal for stocking the freezer so as to limit the amount you need to go to the store.

By supporting Bradley & Son Ranch you are not only receiving a top quality product at an exceptionally good price, you are also helping to support an industry that has been hard hit in a county with unemployment rates higher than those of other counties in the state.


Bradley & Son Cattle

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