Fresh Dungeness Crab


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Mike is back with the first crab of the season!!! From Mike:

“Hi friends, happy new year. Hope everyone is doing well! I’m happy to inform you  that we will b starting the crab season With the first crab coming in wed night. That being said Thursday Jan 14th I will b selling the freshest LIVE Dungeness crab at 34 seawolf passage in Corte Madera outside from 2-5pm.  This will b my only sale  to the public for at least a week.  Standard size crab $15, big jumbos $20. I will be selling first come first serve.  If interested , can you txt me with an amount so I can get an idea of how much I should bring. Lastly, might be a good idea to bring a bucket for the transportation in the car. I’ll have bags but sometimes the legs pop through. Thanks for your continued support. Mike johnson”


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